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Landjet van

Davenport mobile office van allows you to work while they drive you

January 16, 2019  |  KWQC

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Distracted driving gets the blame for more and more accidents now and a new Davenport business called ‘Landjet’ is designed to help. They do the driving for you in a kind of mobile office on wheels.

It’s not your typical ride sharing or taxi service. Landjet helps people stay productive, while their driver gets them to their final destination.

“Everything they would need in their normal office, but in a van,” said Nick Thul, Landjet, President.

The office on wheels comes with luxury chairs, HDMI cables, internet/Wi-Fi, refreshments and a TV to give your eyes a rest from when you get tired of working.

The company that’s owned by a couple investors in the Quad Cities launched and started giving rides in December. They currently have two vans and are working to get an additional seven by the end of February.

Some of the Landjet options are a rolling office that sits one to three people, a rolling boardroom for three to five people. The last option in the process of being made is a rolling executive that holds five to eight people.

Although landjet’s main target audience is executives and businesses the van is open for other events.

“We have used it beyond just office types. We can use it recreationally, football games, tailgates, things like that,” said Thul.

So far, Landjet has made trips to Chicago, Dubuque, and Des Moines. Each trip ranges differently in pricing.

“You could have three to five business executives in there collaborating and working together, essentially splitting the costs,” said Thul.

Landjet offers flat, and hourly rates. They hope to expand and an app is underway. To book a ride, call or go online with a 24 hour notice.–504457702.html