About Our Company

Our Mission

The first step to learning about LandJet is understanding our mission. We aim to provide a one of a kind experience for the traveling business person, exceeding all expectations while in our vehicles. Our customers’ safety and experience is our number one priority. We want to provide a productive work environment and a first class experience, no matter the type of travel.

Meet Our Team

  1. Scott Frigon


  2. Nicholas Thul

    VP of Operations

  3. Rachel Yohe

    Manager of Customer Experience


Our Pilots

At LandJet, we call our drivers Pilots because they navigate our customer’s trip from start to finish. Their professional service and attention to detail, allow our customers to Save Connect and Achieve through every mile of their destination.

Want to join our team?

We are always looking for passionate individuals to become part of the LandJet family. Learn more about our open positions on our careers page.

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