Safe. Clean. Comfortable

We Take Our Cleaning Practices Very Seriously

Here at LandJet, we have implemented the best practices and quality standards to ensure passengers experience the optimal environment to stay safe and productive.

We ensure our customers have a clean and comfortable journey to their destinations. Each LandJet is thoroughly sanitized and inspected after every trip. We use an effective cleaning agent called “Fresh Start” to disinfect all surfaces. The cleaner is EPA certified to killed COVID-19 in ten minutes or less. We also fog our van’s using the same powerful cleaner.

Public places can be dirty, stressful, and unpredictable environments. From airport security lines, terminals, and even the buses and ride sharing services you must take to get to your meetings, you encounter contaminated air and surfaces. With LandJet, you can avoid these unpredictable and potentially unsanitary environments and be picked up right at your home or office. You can get back to work while your Pilot takes you to your destination in a safe, clean and worry-free environment.

In a LandJet, you may not be exposed as much, but as with any publicly used vehicle, we take your health seriously and want to make sure you follow proper hygiene protocol.