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A Message from Our CEO

March 14, 2020  |  Achieve, Connect, Save

To our Valued Clients and Mobile Workforce:

We are in a tough environment right now.  I am sure health care scenarios are spinning in your head, both personally and professionally. We are doing everything in our power to provide a safe environment to help you through this difficult time.  I wanted to share our policies for safe travel and offer LandJet as a solution to help you keep your business moving forward.

Sanitizing Our Fleet.  Our pilots are focused on maintaining a safe and sanitary environment.  We have procedures and supplies in place for sanitizing each vehicle after every trip. I met with our Chief Pilots to review additional procedures for the protection of our employees and our passengers.  We developed an exhaustive list of all our standard cleaning practices, plus a list of frequently touched items to pay special attention to while sanitizing like cup holders, door handles, TV remote controls, and arm rests.  We also discussed our supply levels and looked at additional cleaning agents to help ensure a safe and healthy environment for our passengers.

A Safe Alternative.  LandJet is a better alternative to regional public travel such as airplanes, buses and trains. But most importantly, it is the safer option.  Our private mobile conference room provides advantages to keep your business moving forward.  By traveling in a Landjet, you avoid commingling in large crowds in airports, getting in and out of Ubers, and renting cars. Our conference vehicles provide a comfortable private place to meet, equipped with TVs for presentations and tables to converse. If you can’t go into your client’s office, you might invite them to come out to the mobile office for your meeting. Landjets can be used in many ways to safely keep you traveling and moving.

The Affordable Solution. Landjet is cheaper than the total cost of air travel, but we want to make things even more affordable during this trying time.  Effective immediately, we are waiving all cancelation fees.  If things change at the last minute – we understand.  If you are not currently a LandJet member, we will be extending you a 50% discount on your trip fee (or $200 credit) making your business travel even more affordable. Both of these changes will continue through March and April. Let us help you keep your business moving forward.

I hope this helps you understand the policies and procedures we have to keep you safe.  We at Landjet are here to provide some help and comfort through the weeks and months ahead.  To learn more about our service and how we can help you, text Landjet to 59559.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected and also those uncertain individuals navigating during these turbulent times.

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